Finance the way it matters to you

Full financial control, clear forecasts, easy invoice processing and wise insights to save time and grow the business. This is how Metis helps companies.

For business owners who want to gain control, safety and clarity on their business finances

Metis is a cloud platform that gives you a financial overview of your company

Unlike your accounting software or online banking platform, we give you not only the past view but

also a forward looking view on your business finances and actionable advice

Lean process to maximize efficiency and save your time

  • Set up once and it’s done, no more manual data handling
  • Automatic imports of transactions from bank account
  • Automatic reading of invoices and receipts

Accurate control to always be on top

  • Correct, directly from your bank account and invoices
  • Detailed, dig as deep as you want, using the categories you want
  • Up to date, whenever money moves around

Clear vision to make the best decision

  • Visibility on future incoming and outgoing payments
  • Budgeting and scenario planning with real time feedback
  • Customer profile health check


Connect your bank account


Send your invoices to metis


Be in control

More than 20+ banks supported in Poland

All invoices supported, from both online and offline accounting tools

About us

Why are we doing this?

We are financial experts who worked both with small businessess and large corporations. We saw first-hand how the creativity and potential of small business owners can be hampered by everyday battles with the excel spreadsheet or insufficient financial data. And yet we knew that there are solutions to these difficulties and that large corporations have been benefiting from them for a long time.
Our goal is to offer the same advantages to small business owners and to help them fully wield the current and future finances of their companies.

What is the Magic Behind?

Artificial Intelligence

Years of Financial Experience

User-friendly technology

Hard-work and dedication


per user / month
for beta version

Automatic data import from most European banks

Upload of invoices in PDF, photo and other formats

Automatic Polish invoice data reading

Expenditure by supplier

Invoice payment status

Invoice payment reminders

Easy invoice and payment reconciliation


Secure connection


per user / month

Starter pack +

Automatic international invoice reading

Automatic invoice reconciliation

Project profitability

What if scenario planning

Customer payment reliability score

Automatic expense categorization

Data export in text or image

Receipt or invoice import by email


custom integration

Professional pack +

Custom integration with platforms